7 days a week from 7AM – 8PM. We are only closed on Christmas and days with inclement weather. We have limited hours on Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday.

Rapids Express is a fast, convenient car wash where you stay in your vehicle and it is carried through the wash tunnel. Your car is cleaned and dried in the tunnel by gentle automated equipment. Upon exiting the tunnel, you can simply drive off as your car dries spot free, or you may pull into a free vacuum stall. There is No waiting, No tipping, and No strangers in your vehicle.

  • A state-of-the-art facility – plenty of glass and an open feel
    • EZ-ON Conveyor Technology – our EZ-ON conveyor technology is far more advanced than the old chain and rollers that can damage your tires and rims. Simply drive onto the belt, STOP and place your car in NEUTRAL with your FOOT OFF OF THE BRAKE, and let the belt carry you through the tunnel.
      • Highest quality equipment – we know you care about your car, so we only use the industry’s best equipment to clean your vehicle.
        • Environmentally Friendly – We use the industry’s leading water reclamation system to recycle water. Additionally, we use non-toxic, biodegradable soaps/ detergents. Finally, any water that does go down the drain is first run through a clarifying process.
        YES! Use of our vacuums are included with the purchase of one of our washes. As an Unlimited Club member, you are welcome to use the vacuums whether you wash your vehicle or not.

        YES!!!  Feel free to wash your vehicle at whatever location is convenient for you.

        YES!!!  With our Unlimited Wash Club, we now offer Group/Family Plans.  Additional vehicles under a membership receive discounts.   Here is our pricing-

        Best Value Plan ($29.99 per month 1st car/  $19.99 per month additional vehicles = $10 SAVINGS)

        Better Plan ($25.99 per month 1st car/  $17.99 per month additional vehicles = $8 SAVINGS)

        Good Wash ($19.99 per month 1st car/  $14.99 per month additional vehicles = $5 SAVINGS)

        The Group/Family Plans allows additional cars under a membership to receive discounts.  First, you complete a Group Plan Request Form that designates the group leader and also identifies additional vehicle(s).  There is one credit card and one recharge date per month for all vehicles in the group.

        Please complete a Group Plan Request and scan and email it to SUPPORT@RAPIDSEXPRESS.COM.  Alternatively, you can drop off the completed form to any location.  Please allow 3-5 days to process.  If you have any questions, please email us at SUPPORT@RAPIDSEXPRESS.COM.

        If you need to make any changes to an existing Group/ Family Plan, please email us at SUPPORT@RAPIDSEXPRESS.COM.  Please indicate if you are adding or subtracting a vehicle from the plan and we will handle the rest!!!

        All membership cancellations are easily done by email or online.

        Online:   Simply click on Manage Club at the top of this page and follow the instructions. Be sure to correctly enter the license number with the state abbreviation at the end (e.g.- 123456-CA).  If you are having trouble, please email us at SUPPORT@RAPIDSEXPRESS.COM.

        EMAIL:  Email (Orange location) or (Fullerton Location).  Be sure to include your name, license plate number, vehicle make and last 4 digits of the credit card used.

        For online and email cancellations, we will email you a confirmation as your proof that you have cancelled.  It is simple and easy!

        We accept all major credit cards as well as cash. We also offer gift cards.
        Although our wash is very safe, it is important that you remove all hitches, lower or remove antennas, turn off wipers, turn in mirrors,  clear truck beds of any debris and tighten down all straps.
        Although our wash is very safe, we are NOT responsible for bug shields, antennas (including power and shark fin), mirrors, luggage racks, loose chrome, wipers, license plates, glued spoilers, any non-factory items, vehicles 5 years or older, oversized vehicles or any other damage to vehicle.   Also, we are NOT responsible for damage caused to vehicles if the car is in park, drive or reverse on the conveyor.  It is very important that the car is in NEUTRAL.  Please use the wash at your own risk.
        • Vehicles that are too high, 7’ 6″ (Orange), 7’0″ (Fullerton)
        • Vehicles with caked on mud
        • Vehicles with 5th wheels
        • Vehicles with body damage, loose parts or trim, or after market accessories
        • Open bed pickup trucks with loose items and/or debris—bed must be cleared prior to washing
        • Trucks with racks or hitches of any type
        • Dually trucks
        Click here to join our unlimited wash club!